What are we looking at?

Most books and websites make the face look human - that's the way the first pictures looked when they were beamed back to Earth in the 1970s. The problem was that they were manipulated into a human face using the primitive cameras on the spacecraft and the early computers and software available.

What if we look at it another way?

Since then, more satellites have gone into orbit around Mars and have sent back images of The Face in much greater detail. Ten years ago, I printed The Face from a more recent NASA photo and tossed the paper onto my kitchen table. The paper just happened to land "upside down" when I looked at it, and at that moment I saw a DIFFERENT face - not a human face, but an ALIEN one! You know, that "typical" alien face with a big forehead, large eyes, a small nose, a small mouth and a small chin. The Face was surrounded by a frame with a rounded top, much like early Byzantine and Renaissance paintings. The Face also had a slender neck and shoulders. Maybe earrings, too.

So whose face is it?

Well, the way I see it, it looks pretty familiar - a lot like the short, skinny aliens many of us call "greys". Lots of books and articles have been written and movies have been made about human encounters with the "greys". Could "The Face" have been made by the same aliens that have been visiting our planet for years? (According to Edgar Collins, who walked on the moon.) But it is heavily damaged on the right side of its face (the left side as we look down on it). What happened?