What is the "Mars Face"?

When the NASA Viking spacecraft sent back the first detailed pictures of Mars over 30 years ago, one image caught the public's attention - a large surface feature in the Cydonia region that appeared to be a human face. Since then, many books have been written and websites created which promote that observation as fact. This site challenges the two predominant views of the Mars Face with an alternative view that, if correct, could mean that Mars was settled by aliens millions of years ago.

Where is The Face?

It's in the Cydonia region of Mars, about 40 degrees North and 10 degrees West.

One thing to notice - it is not all by itself in the middle of nowhere. There are many other strange and interesting features all around it.

Who or what made The Face?

Is it a natural rock formation, or a construction? No one can say for sure yet. I do not think it is natural -- I believe it was constructed by someone or something.